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Activities in 2018

In December, I participated in the interdisciplinary lecture series “Tooling Up for Digitial Humanities” at the Faculty of Cultural Studies at the University of Paderborn with my contribution on “Mixed-Initiative Annotation Using Concept Recommendations from Wikidata” in Paderborn (Germany).

In November, I was participant in the panel “Open Science Policy and good scientifc practice” (in German “Open Science Policy und gute wissenschaftliche Praxis” organized by Wikimedia Deutschland e.V., the research group “Digitalisation and scientific value creation” of Fraunhofer FOKUS at the Weizenbaum-Institute for the Networked Society and ALEX TV. My slides can be found on zenodo and the recording of the panel discussion on youtube.

At the beginning of November, I gave a talk on “Taking the Best of Both Worlds: the Concept of Human-Machine Collaboration for Designing a Sustainable Partnership” at the Computer Science Colloquim University of Hamburg.

Together with Jesse Benjamin, we attended the CSCW workshop on “Participation+Algorithms” where we presented our paper on “Transparency and the Mediation of Meaning in Algorithmic Systems”. During the CSCW, we also discussed our research on “Coordinating Agents: Promoting Shared Situational Awareness in Collaborative Sensemaking”.

Also in October, with Jesse Benjamin I presented our work on “Designing for algorithm awareness in peer production systems” during the Information+ Conference, where we introduced our research on the recommender system Recoin.

In October, I was one of the speakers of the workshop on “How can I apply Wikidata in my research practice?” (in German: “Wie kann ich Wikidata für meine Forschung nutzen?”) at the Freie Universität Berlin.

In the busy month September, I talked about “Algorithmic Decision Making in Wikipedia” during the conference “Internet Platforms and Algorithms” at the University of Wien at the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law.

Also in September, I organized togehter with Manuel Burghardt the first workshop „In the field of tension between tool building and research - Computer Science and Digital Humanities“ of the special interest group “Computer Science and Digital Humanities” of the German Society for Informatics.

In September, as mentor for the third time, I attended the opening for the next round of the Fellowship-Program Open Knowledge and met “my” fellows Georg Fischer and Simon David Hirsbrunner.

In August 2018, I attended the Symposium on Open Collaboration in Paris (France).

Our contribution on “Designing for Algorithm Awareness in Peer Production Systems” has been accepted for presentation at the Information+ Conference 2018 which is co-located with IEEE VIS 2018.

In July 2018, I talked about “Web-based Human-Machine-Collaboration - the system of algorithmic governance in Wikipedia” during the Symposium of “Machines in communication - Research in the digital age (Maschinen (in) der Kommunikation. Forschung im digitalen Zeitalter)” at the Technical University Cottbus. A German description of the symposium is given on this website.

In June 2018, I gave an overview on Open Science at the Volkswagen Foundation in Hannover (Germany).

In June 2018, my team and students from my courses presented our projects during the Long Night of Sciences at the Instutite of Computer Science at the Freie Universität Berlin. Additionally, I participated at the Panel of the Workshop open knowledge - how does science come into society?.

In June 2018, I attended the concluding event of the Program year 2017/18 of the Open Science Fellowship Program.

In June 2018, I talked about “Human-Machine Collaboration in Research Data Workflows” at the Scientific Information Service at CERN in Geneva (Switzerland).

In April 2018, I attended the WikiWorkshop2018 at The Web Conference 2018. With Eva Zangerle I present our position paper “Recommendation-Assisted Data Curation for Wikidata”.

In April 2018, I gave a talk on “Human-Centered Data Science” at the annual meeting of the Section “Women and Computer Science” of the German Informatics Society. Further information in German is provided on the conference’s website.

In April 2018, I have joined the Editorial Board of the Open Access journal EPJ Data Science from SpringerOpen.

March 2018: Our article on has been publised by i-com Journal of Interactive Media.

February 2018: I organized the Panel Discussion: Open Science - Openness in times of increasing competition. This was the last event of the Lecture Series “Open Technology for an Open Society”, unfortunately. Check out, what the people said about the event.

January 2018: Short Paper on Collaborative Ideation accepted at CHI Conference.

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